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DBL Productions – Happiness

Here’s one of my all-time favorite piano hardcore tunes, which I’ve been holding off posting so as to not run out of goodies early on.

DBL Productions – Happiness

“Happiness” samples the Sinammon – “Need You Now” acapella, used in Sonz of a Loop Da Loop “Far Out”, D’Cruze “Want You Now”, and, oh, about a BILLION other oldskool tracks.

Notice the line immediately after this “Happiness for you and me” bit is used in the great Breakouts tune Don’t Hold Back.

The beats in this tune are from House 2 House – “I Need Your Love”:

I’m pretty sure that the piano is an original bit played by Rob Haigh from Omni Trio, as it sounds very similar to the “piano breaks” he included on his Splice- Pianism EP.

Just try not to throw your hands in the air during that first piano drop… I dare you…

4 Replies to “DBL Productions – Happiness”

  1. yeah bwoy! more a dat piano shite!!!! & i love ur search-the-sample fixation… i’m just the same 😉

  2. The Piano sample is from old italian house monster – Rhythm Foundation – Let The Whole World Know

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