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Krazy Kidz – Volume 1

Here’s another one of the underrated tracks on 786 Records/Deja Vu. I believe this tune is produced by Dream, who (as somebody pointed out in the comments on this blog) also did the great “Power of Darkness” tune which I have yet to score. This track takes about a minute and a half to get going, but is definitely enjoyable when fully kicked in… big anthemic synth parts that somewhat belie the year it was produced (though I guess there were still a number of big anthem-y rave jams like this being done at the time). Information is, as usual with these more obscure releases, limited… hopefully one day I can track down Naz Khan or David Hope and get to the bottom of these great 786/Deja Vu releases.

Krazy Kidz – Energy Flow (Start the Pulse)

4 Replies to “Krazy Kidz – Volume 1”

  1. aaaw pete i just purchased the only copy of “power of Darkness” from discogs for 9 quid !

    spotted it from that panacea hardcore mix :0

  2. you bastard! 😉 it’s all good, I’ve waited this long to get it, there’s a few other choice 786/djv bits I still need to pick up before that.

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