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Dark Side of the Shroom EP

Here’s another EP that I would have no idea about if it weren’t for B2VOS, where it gets mentioned fairly regularly. This is actually a US downtempo/”trip hop”/acidy breaks EP by Omar Santana, which uses plenty of classic hiphop and rave sounds. The EP itself is strictly downtempo speed, however it can be pitched up +8 (or, in the case here, -8 on 45) to turn it into a pretty wicked hardcore/jungle EP.

Dark Side of the Shroom – Oh Zone Layer

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  1. I bought the whole Tricked Out Classics series on for a good price. I love Santana’s “Hard Hop” stuff and these are some kicking compilations. I suspect most of the producers are just Santana pseudonyms but that just means the tracks fit very well together in a mix.

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