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Hyper-on Experience Live PA @ Dance Paradise, April 1993 Video

Endless thanks to MattyC from B2VOS for hooking me up with the original DVD for this…Matt is the same guy who also ripped the original Hyper-on Experience 92 Demo featured on here a while back. if anyone can recommend a free streaming site where I can host the full clip for this as a single file (~18 minutes), please let me know.

The original video quality isn’t that great, but who cares… it’s Hyper-on Experience!! Kind of amazing to see them dropping their craziest two tunes first , the crowd kind of doesn’t know what hits them.. Also, I’m pretty sure that’s DJ Trax on the turntables / scratching for them.

6 Replies to “Hyper-on Experience Live PA @ Dance Paradise, April 1993 Video”

  1. CLIP 1:
    0:00 – 4:00 – Time Strech
    4:00-8:52 – Thunder Grip

    CLIP 2:
    0:00-4:45 Lords of the Null Lines
    4:45- 9:36 Lil Ruffi-On

  2. Deaf In The Family = one of the sickest 12″ rave records ever made and i still dont own a copy.AAAARGGHH!!!

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