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S and A – Volume 1

Here’s a favorite of mine from 92/93. I recently mentioned the label Homegrown Records on here, saying that even though it ended up being a mostly happy hardcore label, early releases were standout not-too-happy hardcore/jungle tracks. Here’s an excellent example of this – S and A Volume 1. Despite being on a primarily happy hardcore label, this tune owes a lot more to the Basement Records sound of 92-93 than it does to hhc of the time. There’s a brief hands-in-the-air piano respite midway through, but that soon crashes back into glorious stompy jungle techno. An awesome tune which seems to be less in demand now than it used to be (I think I paid $20 for this a number of years ago?)

S and A – Volume 1 (side a)

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  1. Good man top tune this, Get on my radio show Saturdays 5pm – 7pm EST 10pm -12am GMT for plenty of stuff like this.
    PEACE DJ Scottie B

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