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Obscure 95 Jungle Video

Here’s a jungle-centric video from 95 I’ve never seen before. Thanks to Tim Reaper for pointing me to this and to Charlie Turbo from “Beautifully Crafted Jungle” group for posting it. What’s interesting about this one is, taking a quick look through, I don’t see any real big name djs/mcs in there (there’s some shots of Dream FM which was a quite big happy hardcore centric pirate). Instead, it seems more in a “day in the life of” of some kids into the music at the time, which is cool because for every Bukem or Hype or MC GQ there were thousands of hungry MC’s and DJ’s trying to make waves.

4 Replies to “Obscure 95 Jungle Video”

  1. Really showed how much this all meant to people bitd. Like you say it wasn’t about your a list DJs and the drug element is, I think, overstated. Hardcore jungle was LIFE!

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