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“All Black” Jungle Fever Documentary

Here’s a nice jungle documentary for you all. I don’t think I’ve posted this one before, it’s got SOUR, Renk, Bukem, Trace, plenty of artists + labels in it…

5 Replies to ““All Black” Jungle Fever Documentary”

  1. It’s a neat documentary, but, despite making a big deal about the commercialization of jungle, misses the irony of focusing almost entirely on ragga jungle, which was already far more commercialized and had much more mass appeal than other subgenres at that time.

  2. #49Catanha, Luizão e inclusive o Júlio Baptista!E ainda tentam vender essa imagem de que o Inominável é um grande jogador. É achar mesmo que todo mundo é idiota, só pode ser isso.

  3. Ron,Don't forget the community organizers at ACORN who orchestrated the "turbocharging" that CRA and other lower lending standards schemes across the financial system. Community organizer…hmmm, where have I heard that term before?

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