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Hyper-On Experience Interview Series

The final clip from Tim Cant’s Hyper-On Experience interview series was posted today. All in all, it’s been one of the most interesting and engaging interviews I’ve seen related to oldskool in a long while. As Tim Reaper pointed out, this period happened so long ago and so quickly (a few short years 20 years ago) that it’s a challenge for some artists to even remember all the tunes they were making back then, let alone nitty gritty details of each one. But somehow Alex from Hyper-On remembers it all: from the sample sources, to what people were saying and doing in the studio at the time, to what they were thinking when programming a particular beat. For those bits he doesn’t remember, there’s a nice part where he listens back to one of the later Hyper-On tunes and re-evaluates it / says what he’d do differently now. It’s hard for me to be objective since Hyper-On were/are my favorite oldskool act by far, but I’d like to think these interviews would be quite interesting even to a non-fan. Wicked interview, Tim and Alex!

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