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Radio Show Archive 22.07.18

Sunday, 22nd of July we had another chapter of the BTTO radio show, blessing to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. Special shout out to Steffi for keeping me and Pete company during the bonus hour.

  Tim took the first hour with a special Tim Reaper and Dwarde mix. This hour featured most of the tracks the duo has produced, including exclusive dubplates Dwarde even showed up in chat so people could ask questions about the tracks. My pick is the whole show.

  Pete took the second hour with a ropey 92 – 93 selection. Pete said about the mix: “A super off-the-cuff session, playing a bunch of tunes which have accrued by my decks over a year or more, which I haven’t played because they don’t fit the typical “BTTO Radio” Sound (faster 93-95 kinda stuff). Some ropey obscure bits, but also some nice tunes which just weren’t fast enough to chuck in before. And a lot of stuff in between, vibey stuff with rough production or some element off, etc.” I simply love when Pete does these kinds of hours, because a lot of djs aren’t willing to play the obscure tracks. I am going to give one pick and it is “ASC – Dreadlox“.

  After the obscure hour Pete had a redemption hour where he played the more usual stuff you hear on the shows. My picks from the mix are “Krust – The Resister” and “Skanna – Untitled”.

Tim Reaper 22nd July 2018:

No tracklist for this hour.

Pete DevNull 22nd July 2018:

No tracklist for this hour.

Pete DevNull 22nd July 2018 Redemption hour:

NF – Come Inside
Krust – The Resister
DMS – SOS (Midnight Mix)
Skanna – Untitled
Defender – Rollin
Beats Track @ 45
Lefty – Nominal Syndrome (requested)
Undercover Elephant – Realm of the Cougar (requested)
Mad Dog – Control International
?? – ??
Tim Reaper + Dwarde – Globex 5A
International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme Remix
T Power – Lipsing Jam Ring
?? – ??
Andy C – Bass Constructor (Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Remix)
?? – ??
?? – ??

2 Replies to “Radio Show Archive 22.07.18”

  1. i replayed all three hours a couple of times already (at the office! take that fellow employees!).
    keep on ‘rewinding’ the undercover elephant one. what a tune. i wanna live in the realm of cougars now …

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