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Radio Show Archive 05.08.18

Sunday, 5th of August we had another edition of the BTTO radio show, blessings to everyone that showed up and participated in chat. I am sorry for the lack of announcements, but I’m still on summer vibes and haven’t had a stay in evening for time.

  Pete DevNull took the first hour with some forthcoming tunes and lovely 93-95 tunes. A very nice mix. My picks are “Bizzy B – True G Man” and something fresh from both the lads “Devnull & Tim Reaper – ??”.

  Tim Reaper took the second hour which is appropriately dubbed “Keep Dwarde Awake Hour” where Tim played faster and heavier tunes so Dwarde would stay up as long as possible after the show. Best believe there are many smashers due to this fact. My picks are “Rise Productions – Hardcore Frontier” and “TDK – Warp Factor One (New Mix)”.

Pete DevNull 5th Aug 2018:

?? – ?? [forthcoming 8205-007] Wax Doctor + Jack Smooth – Rock to the Groove
X-Altera – Shoreline (Can’t Understand)
Nookie – Phobia
Dwarde + Tim Reaper – ??
System X – Feel It
?? – ??
Devnull – Critical Hit Bootleg
Jim Polo + Nei Vass – Rollin Eenergy
?? – ??
Distroi + Boykz – Dark Side
Devnull & Tim Reaper – ??
Freakosis – Freak Inside of Me
Bizzy B – True G Man
Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets (Wishdokta Mash Up Mix)
Coco Bryce – Adventures in Perception [forthcoming Western Lore] Good, 2 Bad & Hugly – Fantasy
Kid Lib – ??
Ronan – Cloud Form (Aqua Pure)
Cru L T – Curve
Dwarde – ??
?? – ??

Tim Reaper 5th Aug 2018:

?? – ??
?? – ??
Eze-G – Mystical Power
Circa 96 – Cave Dweller (Dwarde Remix)
Citadel Of Kaos – E-Z Man
Krome & Time – This Sound Is For The Underground (E5 Remix)
Rise Productions – Hardcore Frontier
Tim Reaper & Mr Sensi
Kid Andy & Nickle Bee – Lost In The Dark
Goops – Alright
Paul Z – Open Mind
Electronic Experienced – I.Q
Freefall – Mind Adventures
Equinox – ??
Motive One – Real Solutions
Kut D – A We Run Things
Ellis Dee – Can’t Believe It’s Real
DJ Harmony – So Real (Remix)
Orca – Back To The Jungle
DJ Flatliner – Just Stop
Capone – Black Wax EP (Track AA2)
?? – ??
Studio Pressure – Presha
TDK – Warp Factor One (New Mix)

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