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Radio Show Archive 08.07.18

I’m sorry this took soo long to post, but I’m on my summer holiday and it’s a madders.
Sunday, 8th of July we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and joined the chat. This time it was a bit different, because only a few hours before the show Pete was not going to make it back home and Tim was going to play the whole 2 hours. Pete made it home just in time for the show and during his hour, Tim broke his controller, therefore couldn’t play his hour and Pete ended up playing the whole show. You have to laugh at the turn of events.

  Pete played for both hours, even if he didn’t plan on it, but pulled it off with style. Luckily no files were played during the set. My picks from the many are “Pulse – Stay Calm (Bounty Killas Remix)” and “NW1 – Gangster Lean”, but there are many more.

Pete DevNull 8th July 2018:

Soul 2 Soul – Joy (Maximum Style Remix)
?? – ??
Sully x Outer Heaven – ???
Sileni – Unfinished thing from 10-15 years ago
Dev/Null – ??
Harmony & Xtreme – Temple of Heaven [Deep Jungle] Bay B Kane – Paradise (Bay B Kane & DJ Ash Remix)
Tim Reaper & Dwarde – ??
?? – ?? [forthcoming 8205-006] ?? – ??
SOS – Spacefunk
?? – ??
Q Project – Wild Pitched [forthcoming MUJ] Blim – Headspace
?? – ??
Mr Monik – Atmosphere
Bizzy B – ??
Liftin Spirits – Break It Up
Mad Dog – Relapse
Essence of Aura – Innersense
Ginetix – Main Feature
On Remand – Controlling (Tango Remix)
?? – something on Strictly Underground?
JB & Asend – Dreamer
D’Cruze – Heaven
Dave Charlesworth – Guiness Track
MAL – Kali Weed
Pulse – Stay Calm (Bounty Killas Remix)
?? – ??
?? – ??
International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme Remix
Overdubb – Ruffplate (Ruffmix)
Sulfurex – Analog Overdose
Cool Hand Flex – Ya Buzzin’
Kid Twist – Champion Sound
?? – ??
NW1 – Gangster Lean
?? – ??
DJ Rescue – Surround Sound
?? – ??

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