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Blame & Justice – Murderin’ M.C.

Anybody into their hardcore knows Blame “Music Takes You” and Justice & Mercy “Sooth My Soul”. Before those two tunes though, Blame and Justice collaborated on this obscure hardcore bleeper on Chill Recordings. You can tell based on both these tracks that these guys were big into their hip hop back then (who wasn’t?). The flipside (“Death Row”) is a solid 91 style hardcore track with an instantly recognizable Public Enemy vocal bit, but this is my favorite of the two. “Murderin’ MC” has a similar hiphop sample (from Erik B & Rakim “Follow The Leader”), but it’s also got some nice bleepy hardcore synths which were a bit of a signature sound for Chill Records around this time. It’s definitely a pretty rough-around-the-edges tune, but it’s exciting to hear these guys starting to find their footing with this stuff before the success of their later tunes (pretty sure I heard that they made this while still in school?). Also, for some reason this is a quite pricey and hard to find EP these days… guessing despite being on Chill it was pretty limited back then.

Blame & Justice – Murderin’ MC’s

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