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Bass Boyz feat. Tippa Irie – Hyper Hyper

Here’s a nice totally overlooked 94 ragga jungle tune. A lot of similar records go for serious cash now, but this tune is bare cheap… It has nice percussion (the congos reminds me of “Helicopter Tune”), decent vocals (took me a while to understand what the hell “twist me up just like a robot” even meant), and solid beats. Copies starting at 3 euros on the ‘cogs, so nab it if you like it!

Bass Boyz – Hyper Hyper (Red Cat Mix)

3 Replies to “Bass Boyz feat. Tippa Irie – Hyper Hyper”

  1. Yo!

    This blog is really outstanding. I got in to house and breaks back in ’97, and so never got a chance to hear most of the tunes featured here. It’s fascinating to explore the roots through stuff like this, which comes from a bygone, (kind of) lost time. Thank you so much for posting music from this epoch for far-flung people like me to hear.

  2. which tracks in particular? if any of it is being reissued, let me know what tracks and who is doing it, and I will take down the mp3s.

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