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Parallel – Untitled (Eeze the Pressure)

Here’s a nice Bay B Kane related track that I’ve been into as of late, which I think is a bit overlooked – I certainly overlooked it until recently.
Even on the EP it’s featured on, at least two other tracks (“How should I Start” and the “Let Me Feel It Once More” remix) are much better known. Still, this tune is fun and has been great to throw in mixes as of late. The primary melody and vocals are from Subliminal Aura “Ease the Pressure (Hypnotic Trance Mix)”, but with killer Bay B Kane breaks-n-bass added in as well as some more bleeps. Definitely a fun surprise if you’ve got this record for the first two tunes but want something different to play.

As always, big respect to Mel on this one! Aside from picking up this EP, you can also grab the official “return of bay b kane” reissue EP or a Ruff Guidance Records T shirt.

Parallell – Eeze the Pressure

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