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Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio November 29th 2015 (Pete Parsons Special)

Gonna be catching up on some mixes next few days, since I was slack about posting a few. Here’s a really nice mix by Tim from a month ago – probably one of my favorites this year! This show Tim and I traded themes: Tim gave me “jungle techno”, I gave him “Pete Parson tunes”. He took that to mean only tunes Pete had engineering credits on, not tunes Pete officially wrote (no Voyager stuff etc). It’s entirely possible Pete co-wrote some of these (or even did the bulk of the work on a few), but for now he’s primarily listed as engineer. Any way you slice it, this is a KILLER mix – so many favorites on labels like Dee Jay, Lucky Spin etc, plus ones Pete is less known for like Soapbar and even Timeless sublabel Code-001. Because they all share an engineer, the tunes have consistently good production through, not to mention some serious beatwork.
For more info on Pete Parsons, check the interview on this site, (part1) and (part 2)


  1. Future Sound Of Hardcore – Euphoria [Production House]
  2. Fokus -Like Dat [Higher Limit]
  3. AKA – The Farside[Soapbar]
  4. Harmony & Xtreme – Temple Of Doom [Section 5]
  5. Fokus – Brave New World [Lucky Spin]
  6. DJ Crystl – Warpdrive [Lucky Spin]
  7. vCode Blue – Angels In Dub [Lucky Spin]

  8. Kenny Ken & Cool Breeze – Cool Breeze [24K]
  9. DJ Tasmin – Innocence [Volume]
  10. Gimp & Steve C – R.E.A.L. [Skeleton Recordings]
  11. DJ Harmony – Let Me In [Moving Shadow]
  12. DJ Rap & Aston – Get Rushed [Suburban Base]
  13. DJ Crystl – Crystlize [Dee Jay]
  14. Splash – Babylon (DJ Trace Remix) [Lucky Spin]
  15. DJ Crystl – Paradise [Lucky Spin]
  16. DJ Rap – Tibetan Jungle [Proper Talent]
  17. DJ Phantasy – The Atmosphere [Liquid Wax]
  18. DJ Rap – Your Mind (DJ Rap Mix)[Proper Talent]
  19. DJ Trace – Final Chapta [Lucky Spin]
  20. The Invisible Man -The Beginning (Inner Space Remix) [Code-001]

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio November 29th 2015 (all Pete Parsons special) by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

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