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Kismet – Get Up

Here’s an interesting extremely obscure breakbeat hardcore track I grabbed some years ago, based purely on how rare it seemed and the fact I couldn’t find any audio for it online. As usual with these sort of things, it didn’t turn out to be a top-secret huge classic / long lost unknown which countless people have been looking for from some classic mix. However, it DID end up being a fun hardcore tune that was definitely worth the couple euros I paid for it, and something a bit different from the usual 92-style obscurities. There’s quite a lot of stuff layered in here, between breaks, vocal snippets, stuttered hardcore melodies, etc. It’s all done in much more of an “add something, remove something” fluid manner than in other hardcore tunes of the time which have abrupt breakdowns and changeups, but it works well and this fact makes it nice and easy to chuck in mixes. One for the obscurity heads I’d say.

Kismet – Get Up

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  1. Disappointed in that there’s no synth work on top of the breakbeats which are “ok”. I say average.

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