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Ice One – Jungle Groove

As mentioned in yesterday’s tracklist, here’s an “unknown” tune from the last Blog to the Oldskool set. It contrasts nicely with that first tune (Dom + Roland “bells”), which is just an amazing, well produced classic jungle tune that is well known and somewhat in demand these days for very good reason (you don’t see copies of D+R #2 for sale online often) In comparison, this tune is about as far to the outer regions of nerdiness / anorak diminishing returns as a tune can get. I found it by complete accident in a Boston record store recently. Pretty uneventful record scrounging day with no scores, had to watch in horror as some random college kid dredged up a great condition original press of Steve Poindexter “Work That MF” for $3 in a crate I hadn’t gotten to yet. Ouch. As a last ditch attempt to buy something, I saw an interesting yellow label 90’s looking record in the dollar bin. Mid 90’s Italian instrumental hiphop? Might as well, at the very least there’d be some decent breakbeats on it. I got the record home and, lo and behold… jungle track on B1:

Pretty skeletal tune, super crusty sounding breaks, a few samples (The “hippity hop” gets quite grating but the breakdown and beats etc are fine), etc. As is the point of the whole record, very much just a beats track for mixing etc, not a long-lost criminally underrated jungle masterpiece. Still, it’s kind of funny that even sometimes when you can’t find jungle records, jungle records can find you.

Since this whole EP is available for sale digitally through Amazon, Itunes, and streamable on Spotify etc) I’m not posting a direct link. Here’s the discogs link though, in case any of you collect mid 90’s instrumental hiphop or want to be the second dj ever to play it in jungle sets on vinyl:

Ice One – Fat Beats Vol 1

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