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new 8205 website & ltd US copies of “Dread Killer EP”

Just a quick heads up that I threw together a new website for 8205 Recordings:

The site is pretty boring/basic, but it has all the important info for the label. I’ll be adding a “news” section soon, as well as whatever other relevant info I can think of.

The other news is that, if you check the webpage for 8205-002, there’s now a limited number< of copies of 8205-002 in the US for people looking to buy it here. These copies were shipped to me from the UK at a considerable expense, but the overall shipping cost per copy should be a lot less than if everyone bought it from the UK. Initially I planned not to do this again this release, but Royalmail prices have been so crazy lately ($15-20 shipping for one record not out of the question), I wanted to give a cheaper option for anyone looking to buy it in the States. So if anyone over here has been waiting to buy this new release but hesitant because of the high postage price, you can now grab one (or two) here.

Please Note: We’re in the middle of a pretty brutal series of snowstorms here in New England, so I can’t promise next-day turnaround. As with last time, I’ll be doing runs every week or two, and will try to let everyone know when their record is in the mail. Also, these copies are for people with shipping addresses in the US only – Canada and elsewhere, it’s still cheaper to send them from the UK. Everyone outside the US can continue to get theirs from Seventh Storey Projects.

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