[8205-002] DJ Exodus & Head Pressure - The Dread Killer EP

8205-002, done in collaboration with the label 7th Storey Projects, contains four tracks by DJ Exodus + Head Pressure (of Tearin Vinyl/Skeleton Records fame), written back in the mid-90s. Three of these tunes are entirely unreleased, while one ("Dreadkiller") was only ever released on a rare pricey jungle compilation with five tracks to a side, meaning it shows up here freshly remastered and much more dj-ready.

The A side features two darkside/dark jungle tunes: "Savour the Flavour" comes across as a rawer and more frantic version of E+HP’s infamous “Glass Pipe Fury” track. The other tune, “Dread Killer”, is a deep and extremely moody jungle tune, featuring horror movie samples and ominous pads.

The B side changes things up and features two tunes in a significantly less dark, but still deadly, fashion. "I Wanna Sound" is an ragga jungle tune with classic toasting and dub samples alongside mashed amens. "TKO" combines a classic soul sample with unique full/half-time breakwork and interesting switchups/programming.

All four tracks are strong tunes - from Darkside, to Ragga, to Slowjam / Rare Groove, there's something on this EP for every fan of 94-95 Jungle.

Released: Jan 23rd, 2015
Mastering: Beau Thomas / Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Pressing Size 300 copies
Availability Sold Out

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