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Supertouch “Dreams” (KVA002) Back for Sale & Giveaway

Back in July, I posted about the new Supertouch “Dreams” EP which was released on KVA002. This was an entirely pre-release funded record, where all copies were bought up before the pressing even happened. That record has since been released, and, as expected, looks and sounds great. However, as often happens during the pressing process, there was a bit of overage, and Will ended up with 15-20 copies more than anticipated. This means some copies are back for sale, for anyone who missed it a few months ago. All of these are being sold by Will (Sublogic Label boss) direct on discogs, so jump on there to nab a copy. If for some reason you can’t use discogs but still want a copy, email Will at and maybe he can sort something out.

Supertouch – The Dreams EP
Edit: Competition is over, congrats to the winners!! Feel fee to keep listing label /event collabs below though if you think of more, there’s a bunch still not mentioned..

To coincide with these extra copies, Will has offered to give away three copies of the “Dreams” EP on this site. To enter to win one, leave a comment below with the following info:
Name an oldskool (91-96) record label which was associated with a rave event promotions company, and the promotions company they were associated with. .
Be sure to leave your email in the appropriate comment field. First 3 correct answers will win. Please don’t duplicate previous answers, though if it looks like two comments were left at nearly the same time, I’ll let it slide. Good luck!

Also, for anyone thinking these past two posts have been shameless promo: I’m not getting anything for doing these, I paid for my own copy just like everyone else 🙂

9 Replies to “Supertouch “Dreams” (KVA002) Back for Sale & Giveaway”

  1. Fantazia – Fantazia
    Jungle Splash Productions – Jungle Splash Productions
    Desert Storm Recordings – Desert Storm Rave Promotions

  2. I’ll take a quick shot at this:

    Slammin’ Vinyl (affiliated with Dreamscape)
    Perception (parties/label name the same)
    Basement (did a few events in ’93-94)

  3. Oh, and United dance had a bunch of labels – Bullzi Records, Fourbeat Records, United Dance etc. since bought out by Slammin’ Vinyl

  4. 2000 AD – Desire
    Adrenalin – Adrenalin
    Bang-In Tunes – Bang-In Tunes
    Bass Generator – Judgement Day
    Dance Floor Studios – In-Ter-Dance
    Diehard – Diehard
    Formation – Total Kaos
    Hectic – Fusion
    Labrynth Productions – Labrynth
    Metalheadz – Metalheadz
    Moving Shadow – Voodoo Magic
    Pirate Club – Pirate Club, Future Myth etc
    Ruffneck Ting – Ruffneck Ting

  5. Congrats to the winners tommy, alex, droid… will pass your emails on to will and he will be in touch

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