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LV – Speed (Bomb On The Bus) (Le Remix)

Here’s a fun track, the original of which was released on two different white labels. The first is a bit harder to find and pricier, and features the original of this tune along with a wicked unrelated tune. That original is still probably my favorite of the two, but rather than posting the obvious in-demand track, I figured I’d post this remix since I’d never heard it before and it was a more interesting recent acquisition. It’s also a bit more solid sounding and a bit streamlined for mixing. According to a comment on discogs, these tunes were written “by a guy called Cookie based in Palmers Green in North London.”. Never heard anything else by him but both these releases are worth grabbing for sure! Classic jungle through and through.

LV – Speed (Bomb On the Bus) (Le remix)

3 Replies to “LV – Speed (Bomb On The Bus) (Le Remix)”

  1. i think in database have 3 same release, two same white label 1 and 001 and this labelled copy ?

  2. Yeah, I think there’s 2 different presses but one of those releases in discogs might be a duplicate / need to beb under a master release.

  3. see database and now a think i was wrong. LV 001 actual different release, possible it’s wl version Letha Vinyl (2) release ! ?
    imho le remix version more greater than original and cookie track good to you, and have samples with guinness advert.

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