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Suburban Base: Sound of the Phuture MegaMix

Suburban Base is one of my favorite labels ever, but you’ll rarely see stuff on this site from that label. This is for two reasons :

  1. Anybody who knows anything about oldskool knows this label and their releases, thus there’s no reason for me to spend time trying to talk about them
  2. All their releases are posted for sale on, which means I’ll never post full quality mp3s on here

However, I recently bought a record containing a nice megamix of their first 12-14 or so releases. Whoever made the megamix did a nice job incorporating elements from all the tracks throughout the mix, not just blindly jumping from tune to tune. It makes for for both an excellent introduction to the label’s earlier tracks, as well as something fun for people who already know the tunes well.

v/a – Suburban Base: Sound of the Future (Megamix by the Berzerker)

Here’s a listing of tracks contained in this mix, not ordered. It might be difficult to order them since they’re pretty mashed up, individual sounds from tracks continue being used long after the melody has switched.

4 Replies to “Suburban Base: Sound of the Phuture MegaMix”

  1. Hard to describe so please bear with me….at 5:25 that sound in the background sounds like this song that samples Phil Collins saying “I can feel it” over and over, then you hear a woman sing “whoa whoa” and then this guy says “can’t stop the bum rush.” There’s more lyrics that go something like “Special A on the scene to break the routine” It’s circa late 1992. I’ve been dying to figure out what it’s called with no luck. Even tried all the tunes listed but no. If anyone can help I appreciate it more than you know.

  2. dunno about that phil collins sample, but I think you’re thinking of Run Tings – “Tribe Vibes”

  3. Thank you very Pete! That’s the one, must have been the DJ havin’ fun with Phil Collins. Thanks again and I love your blog. I know many old skool fans that will love this.

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