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Tim Reaper + Dev/Null – Eckhart (free download)

I usually don’t post “new oldskool” on here (new tracks made in an oldskool style), since there’s other blogs which cover thaose quite nicely: Future Jungle and Strictly Nuskool to name two wicked ones. However, here’s a fun track which Tim Reaper wrote in a few hours Friday (during the late afternoon US time / evening UK), which I provided samples and gave rapid feedback for.

You probably haven’t seen Tim around the net as of late (on this site or elsewhere). He’s been laying low communication-wise while sorting out life stuff… in the meantime however, Tim has been secretly rapidly banging out jungle tracks in his spare time, to the order of around 9-10 a week.
A lot of this is down to the fact that, in the time it would take someone like me to pick out a snare drum, Tim’s already got about 3 minutes of a tune completed. Granted, they’re no nonsense jungle tunes, not hyper complex neoclassical masterpieces, but they’re definitely solid tunes I’d play. Also, this manner of rapid fire tune production seems pretty in-line with what a lot of people were doing back in the day, before everyone had a full studio (eg PC) at home at their disposal to endlessly work and re-work stuff.

For this tune, Tim asked me for a main breakbeat, some samples and one central movie sample. I ended up sending him the classic “weather report” breakbeat I sampled off one of their albums, a bunch of hits /stabs/vocals I had already picked out for a new track, and a famous dialogue clip from “Jacob’s Ladder” that’s probably been sampled numerous times before. Oh, and I sent him a processed sound of a cat running into a glass door, cut from this vine. Mainly because we were joking around and I didn’t think he was honestly going to go through with it. In the end though, Tim sequenced all this stuff together and sent me clips / asked for melody ideas while I was writing some unrelated code, and this was the end result. So yeah, this tune’s not gonna solve world hunger / cure cancer / stop kony, but hopefully it’s a fun little jam for people to download and play over the weekend 🙂

4 Replies to “Tim Reaper + Dev/Null – Eckhart (free download)”

  1. Spooky melody at 3min, love it. I think you could put some beats under the part beginning at 4:50.
    BTW, maybe this is not the right place, but i’m searching for an id, an excellent white label oldskool track with vocals “thou shall not kill” “blue whales, set them free, set them free”, it’s on a mix by Nicky Allen at the very end. Nicky doesn’t answer any questions… .



  2. Nice work you two, I love this. Can hear your influence on this Pete, as I’ve not heard Tim really put something together. Shows how quick he can adapt and knock this out though. Impressive. Glad to see him about again!

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