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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – June 1st, 2014

Here’s the recording of Sunday’s show on Jungletrain…. I had just done a more varied show two days before so I kept this one pretty low key, deep and vibey (94-95 stuff). Then, with 30 minutes left, I threw in a bunch of more tearout amen tracks. Thanks to everyone who locked in! By request of a few people, I made it a point to keep track of what I played, and included the tracklist below:



Vivid Dreams – Infinity Mix
Safari Sounds – On My Mind
DJ Phantasy – Knowledge & Wisdom
Cloud 9 – Blissfull Ignorance (Tango Remix)
Editman – Thrill You
Funky Technicians Airtight Remix
Alladin’s Quest – Dream of reality
Intense – Breathless
Mystikal – Try So Hard
Roni Size – Kiss
Lee + Tango – 2 Deep
Lionheart – Falling
A-Sides – Tonight
T Power – Cry
DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith Remix)
Liftin Spirits – Break It Up
Tik Tak – Give Me Love
DR S Gachet – The Dreamer (Gachet Remix)
Fokus – Trigger Happy
Dom & Roland – Dawning
EZE G – Worlds of Confusion
FBD Project – Gesture Without Motion
Mixrace – Dirty Amen
Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jody’s Theme
VIP Crew – Special Request
Steve C – Tranquiity
Baby D – Take me to Heaven (Rollin Rhythms Mix)
Ant-Head Norris – Heaven
Run Tings – Ruff Revival
DJ Steve B + Zinc – Ripple
Buck Wild – Def Squad Lick
Cool Breeze + Digital Audio – The Stepper
DJ Invincible – Flying
Chris Jay – Junglist Soldier
Fusion – The Dominion (Dub Plate)
Flatliner – The Big Bang
EOV001 – Nice and Slow

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