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The Feedback Principle – Tear Down The Place

Here’s a nice unknown-but-not-hard-to-find 92 tune I can’t recall seeing in many/any large mixes… mixmeisters, feel free to correct me on that. I discovered it recently while rooting around in my collection for overlooked 92-93 tracks to play on last Sunday’s show. The label it was released on, Rumour Records, is better known for compilations such as the “Bass, Breaks and Bleeps” series, as well as more techno/house type recording (though there’s some hardcore in their catalog). In fact, this record is listed on discogs as a “breakbeat techno” record, and there’s definitely some more techno-y cuts on it. Still, at least in my mind, this particular track is hardcore through and through: heavy amen, familiar catchy ragga and female vocal snippets, hiphop cuts, and bleepy synths parts which change up in a classic hardcore fashion. No shocking samples or previously unexplored territory being charted, just nice melodies flipped together in a familiar but ever-enjoyable manner.

As for the artists behind it, it seems like this was their only hardcore related release together. One of them, (Dominic Glynn), actually wrote music for Doctor Who in the 80s(!), and still seems active in music running the No Bones Record Label and producing under a variety of monikers. All three people behind this release also featured in some form on the quite nice Avantgardism comp on Law + Auder a few years later. All in all, a nice one to check out and track down a copy of if you’re feeling it, especially given how cheap and easy to find it is now.

Feedback Priniciple – Tear Down The Place

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