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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – Feb 23rd 2014 (Tim Reaper mix)

Here’s Tim’s set from yesterday’s radio show… I think this will be a fairly regular thing, Tim and I switching off these jungletrain shows. He did an ace job and it was lots of fun getting to hang out in the chat and listen to tunes / chat and crack jokes without worrying about keeping two records going at the same time. Shout out to everyone in the chat, anyone checking the set after the fact is missing out. As for the tunes themselves, Tim started with a few 93 darker tunes and moved into more familiar 94-95 territory. He even included some wicked dubs you won’t be seeing in anyone else’s sets (including mine).

Gwarn Tim!

Secret Squirrel – Comming On Dark [Bogwoppa] — first track accidentally cut off, sorry about that Tim!!
Fire Fly – Blow Your Mind [Paradise] Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets (Wishdokta Mash Up Mix) [Wide Eyed] Slipmaster J – Thinn Air [Pure White] Origin Unknown – The Touch (Part 2) [RAM] Scott & Keith – Deranged (Bonus Drums Mix) [Reinforced] Vertigo – Caution [Crack House] DJ Force & The Evolution – Twelve Midnight [Kniteforce] Renegade – Something I Feel (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow] DJ Mayhem – Cold Acid [Basement] DJ Trace – You Smoke Crack Don’t Ya [Dub] Bizzy B – The Reel Message Is Power [One Nation] Double H Productions – Noise Level 1 [Global Dance] Dillinja – From Beyond [Cybotron] A-Sides – Jurassic Park [Bear Necessities] DJ SS – New Breed Of Ravers [Formation] Badd 102 – All Crew [Unatural Light] D.O.P.E – When I Was Young (DJ Easy & T-Bags Mix) [Rugged Vinyl] Dub Technicians – Mindscape [Rollin’] DJ Rap & Aston – Jeopardy (Desired State Mix) [Suburban Base] Aladdin – So Good (Flange Dub Mix) [Aphrodite] Spiral Tribe – Ragga Boom [Big Life] Swift & Zinc – 2 Warm [Brain Progression] DJ Gunshot – Regulators [IQ] Eko – Where Does It Come From [Whitehouse] Fugitive – Mind Games [Underdog] Cold Mission – Redy 2 Atak [Reinforced] D.O.P.E – Travelling (Slow Train To Philly Mix) [Good Looking] DJ Surreal – Perceptions [Rebellious] Dynamic Duo – Shadow (Revamp) [Intalektive] Simon Bassline Smith – Hypnosis (A-Sides Remix) [Rogue Trooper] Sky Joose – Ippon [Avex Trax] Jungle Neck – Rasta [TP9] Tonic – The Flow [Higher Limits] Digital – Touch Me (94 Original Mix) [Timeless] Marvellous Cain – Hitman (Asend & Dead Dred Mix) [IQ] JMJ & Richie – Deep Bass 9 [Moving Shadow] The Truper – Vol. 2A [Streetbeats] Jack Horner – The Hoover [Spectrum] Dubtronix – Dance A Come [B9] Code Of Practice – Can We Change The Future (Sounds Of Life Remix) [Certificate 18] Biobreaks – May The Funk Be With You [Riot Beats] Vivid Dreams – Rise Up (Liftin’ Spirits Mix) [Deconstruction] Subject 13 – To The Flow [Subject 13] DJ Rap & Voyager – Losing Control [Proper Talent] Hopa & Bones – So Sweet (DJ Phantasy Remix) [Outcry] Barrington Levy & Mega Banton – She’s Mine (Sensi Crew Remix) (Trespass Lick Out) [Greensleeves] Splash – Babylon (DJ SS Mix) [Dee Jay] Lee Cashin & Pooch – Vibe Out [Kemet] Liftin’ Spirits – Cup-A-Cha [Liftin’ Spirit] Dead Dred – Dred Bass (Origin Unknown Remix) [Moving Shadow] The Dubster – Retreat [Flex] LTJ Bukem – A Couple Of Beats [Good Looking] DJ Hype – Weird Energy (Hells Bells Mix) [Suburban Base] Asylum – Da Base II Dark [Metalheadz] DJ Ren & MC Gunsmoke – Court Case I (Hard Mix) [Dub]

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