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Peshay + Roger Johnson – In My Soul

Here’s an early vibey amen number by Peshay and Roger Johnson. I’m sure the name Peshay is familiar to everyone reading this new and old, if not then go read this awesome article by RBMA about the Blue Note or check this wicked interview with him on the Uncle Dugs show. Roger Johnson might not be as recognizable a name to people who weren’t around then, however he was a quite popular and well respected rave DJ back then (going all the way back to the mid 80’s when he won the first international DMC mixing championship). Just check rave fliers from back in the early 90’s in the UK and you’ll see his name all over. Aside from DJ’ing, he did a fair number of singles on various labels like Basement and Labello Blanco under a few aliases, though it seems that DJ’ing was always his priority. It’s no wonder then that this EP was released on a label put together by a crew that threw massive raves back then (2000AD).

“In My Soul” is my favorite of the three tracks on this EP, though they’re all quality moody 93 tunes. Sampling the classic Sweet Mercy – “Reach Out” acappella as used in countless other hardcore/jungle tracks, “In My Soul” keeps the breaks rolling along in a lot more restrained manner than some other tracks at the time. I’d probably class this as a bit “pre-intelligent” and not too far removed from those first early Good Looking releases, though it’s maybe a tad rawer. Definitely one to nab for fans of this style, apologies for the crackly rip but as you can imagine this one has gotten plenty of plays!

DJ Peshay & Roger Johnson – In My Soul

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  1. Roger…great DJ, excellent producer who also did some fantastic work that went rather unnoticed (remix of DJ JBL 1000 Hertz (with Peshay) that features on Bukem’s Yaman 10), but one of the worst Sunday league football managers EVER!!!

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