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Suburban Base Records – The History of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass: 1991-1997

It looks like Suburban Base will be amping up their digital presence in a big way over the next few months. In March they’ll be releasing a fresh compilation called “SUBURBAN BASE RECORDS – THE HISTORY OF HARDCORE, JUNGLE, DRUM & BASS: 1991-1997”, including some of their strongest tracks from that era. Following that, they’ll be rereleasing their entire back catalog digitally remastered. Excellent news for both newer fans who don’t collect vinyl, and older fans who might have the records but want pristine sounding digital copies for home play or digital DJ’ing or what not. Nothing but respect for these guys and the label as a whole, check the teaser video below and I’ll hopefully be posting more info on here as time goes on!

5 Replies to “Suburban Base Records – The History of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass: 1991-1997”

  1. Naturally bloody *strong expletive* GEMA (*expletive* royalty collector *expletive* organization in Germany) made youtube block this video because of *expletive* “respective music rights”.

    I’ll find another way to watch it though. Thanks for the hint!

  2. Damn that sucks man…. will let their promo person know, maybe they can host a version on vimeo too or something.

  3. Underrated producer, great DJ and TERRIBLE Sunday league football manager!! (yes you were Rog’ (haha aaaaggghhhh!) HUGE shame him and Wayne can’t seem to.get on for 5 minutes.

    But. Hey.

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