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Alter – Ego? – Main Line

Here’s a nice tune off the Deep & Dark label… Deep & Dark is the type of record label which I’d be tempted to go on and on about as a “Criminally underrated label” since I rarely see their tunes in mixes, but I’ll be honest: while I like most of their releases, none of them ever grabbed me as incredibly essential. Their tunes are all definitely solid as anything, highly playable, and I could see some of them growing on you if you heard them over and over in a mix. But there’s no particularly outstanding elements to my ears that jump out on immediate listen: no particularly crazy synth parts or fx, super memorable melodies, intense drum programming, etc. Just solid 93 style stuff for the raves or pirates.

That being said, this tune definitely sticks out more than a bit and has grown on me over the years: nice pads and little punchy synths in the intro, leading to an epic “main line” vocal bit in the break down. I assumed this vocal was from Jason Load Experience – Mainline ’90, as used in Omni Trio – Mainline. But checking the acappella linked here, I don’t hear it… maybe it’s in an alternate version? After the drop we get some nice scifi sounds popping in and out with heavy amens and punchy sub bass stabs. All elements are in-line with the more refined side of 93 tracks, but not really pushing beyond that to any extreme way. Still, a cool catchy tune, and a cheap one to grab as well (goes for $4 last time I checked). Because of that, I left this rip a bit dirty and didn’t remove any of the crackles etc – this is the perfect record to nab on the cheap which isn’t heavily overplayed, but still has familiar enough elements that people would enjoy it even on first listen.

Altered Ego – Main Line

5 Replies to “Alter – Ego? – Main Line”

  1. Really nice track, I don’t remember this being played by many dj’s at the time. Thanks for the upload, it’s great to hear it again.

  2. It’s all about the B-Side- Hooligan- Digital IMO! Holy hell what a track with that eerie sci fi sound that comes out of left field. Nice little stepper that can totally shift gears in a set.

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