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Da Dogz – Non Stop

Blog to the Oldskool Rule #2: If I end up flaking on posting tunes for more than a few days, post a personal fav / real ripper of a tune when I finally get back to posting1. It’s been 11 days since I posted a tune (a week since Tim’s last post) so, well… you do the math 🙂

“Non Stop” is a total bargain bin gem/ personal favorite of 94/95 jungle, by the guys behind Rude & Deadly (“give me a dubplate” etc). While the other Rude + Deadly / Da Dogz tracks seem much more frantic or jump-up-esque to me, this one is a bit more complex and moody, while still being extremely energetic in parts. Built off an instantly recognizable breakbeat+vocal loop (“come on!”) from Hyper-On Experience “Lords of the Null Lines”, this tune throws quite a few samples at you: the aforementioned hyper-on bit, think + kool is back breaks, several nice melodies and pads, Vivian Lee “Music is So Wonderful” vocal snippet (as used in Vibes + Wishdokta “Obsession”), some hip hop vocal bits (or maybe from a movie?), several unidentifiable-by-me ragga vocal bits… the list goes on and on.

All of these elements are deftly strung together and layered up, with some well thought out ebb and flow / push-pull to the track. Sections relax and get stripped down for a while, before exploding back with yet more frantically chopped sequences. There’s even little stabs of amen in there (attn: Tim Reaper). Finally, just when you think they’ve thrown every possible permutation of those samples at you and the track is fading out… in comes a nifty little coda at the end, in the way of some kind of 118 bpm dancehall/breakbeat thing.

This rip is a bit rough around the edges, but this tune is so cheap and wicked, NO EXCUSES: if your taste in 94-95 jungle is anything like mine, buy the damn thing! I might just go buy a second copy for when this one gets even more worn out.

Da Dogz – Non Stop

1 Rule #1: Don’t post stuff which is already for sale digitally, and take tracks down asap if you see them put up for sale digitally later.

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