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Dub Technicians – Incognito (Rollers Mix)

So for a change from all the dark/ragga roughneck amen jungle that usually feature in my posts (much to Pete’s disappointment), I thought it’d be good to post something from the “intelligent” end of the jungle spectrum. What I have picked is a fond favourite of mine, a tune by Dub Technicians aka A-Sides & Mikey James. Released in 1996, this mix of “Incognito” featured on a CD compilation on Quality Price Music, a label for Strictly Underground related compilations. The tune itself starts off setting a very understated vibe with sublime ‘whistling’ pads over rollout breakbeats & a simple 808 bassline. You soon realize why it’s named Incognito, when a sample of Incognito “Shine On” drops (already used in Blame’s mix of Justice – Soothe My Soul), playing the tune to make a new riff of it in the breakdown. This is where the tune takes it up a notch on the euphoric ‘hands in the air’ scale and gets your spine chilling & your neck hairs standing on edge while the track builds & builds, before calmly taking it back down to that original understated vibe.

Dub Technicians – Incognito (Rollers Mix)

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