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Ramos + Supreme – The Journey, Pt 1

Gotta love these singles you know for one track but where another one ends up being your favorite… you might buy it for one reason and then later find out somewhere else on the EP is a tune you’ve heard in mixes but never quite knew before. That’s definitely the case with this Ramos + Supreme EP – Best known for countless happy hardcore tunes, Ramos + Supreme also did a couple wicked less happy EPs early on, namely this and “Phantasm” which is an overlooked darkside gem (perhaps for another day). Back to this EP though, “Crowd Control” is indeed a choice early happy hardcore tune in the 93-95 hhc style, fun and bouncy without being too wacky or cheddar. However, that tune was actually the B side; the A-side, “The Journey, Pt 1”, is decidedly less-happy and more of an epic amen number. There’s still a 92-esque piano line, but and the whole thing seems to be hinting at the sort of moodier, serious and emotive sound which came into favor circa 93. There’s a pretty big breakdown which pushes all the right 92-into-93 buttons – euphoric without being too giddy, though fans of real dark stuff still might find it a bit happy. Definitely one to check even if you’re diametrically opposed to most-things “4-beat”.

Ramos & Supreme – The Journey Part 1

Also, for some reason I’m pretty hooked these days on mixing this with the classic Bridgett Grace “take me away” acapella, to the point where I almost anticipate the acapella coming in when I hear the original tune. Here’s me doing it via a pitched up copy of Bizarre Inc “Pin Up Girls” during blog to the oldskool radio, with the added bonus of a nice segue into a different piano part on “pin up girls”. Happens at 10:40 in this mix

5 Replies to “Ramos + Supreme – The Journey, Pt 1”

  1. The fusion mix does it for me every time – a darker tune with a crisper more pounding beat and as well as dark pianos (??!!) there are pads which I believe come from the Rambo films?

  2. IIRC the beat was taken off an early Kniteforce release. I seem to remember Luna-C having a little moan about it in his book or online.

    Classic tune though. Its a shame Hardcore pushed into the relentlessly happy sounds to distance itself from D&B

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