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Natural Mystic – Mash Up

For those who may not know this about me, I am a massive Digital fan. I’d probably put him in my top 5 of producers, he’s managed to retain a style & quality in his tracks since he began up until now, whilst keeping up with the changing times. He’s also got a staggering workrate, which leads to tunes like this not getting as much recognition as they should.

This came out on a label called Octopus Recordings, which I can’t say that I know much about, but they put out two releases from Klute (as Override) & this EP, which is a solid showcase of the deep & moody type of jungle that labels like Timeless, Legend, Lucky Spin/Dee Jay & Certificate 18 were putting out, a bit less ‘euphoric’ than the stuff coming out on GLR at the time.

Out of the 3 track EP, of course I had to pick the one amen tune to write about, so here goes. It starts off with a quite stripped down intro of hats & bleeps & sweeping vocals, setting up the mood nicely for the bass to come in & the delayed amen teases. It continues to build & build by adding some tranquil pads to the mix before it inevitably drops into the arm-flailing amen edits combined with the pounding bassline. Definitely one that deserves more attention than it is getting.

Natural Mystic – Mash Up

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  1. Octopus was a great label, thought the two override 12″s are by far the best jungle tunes they released. The first release – feat a jungle tune by Kushti (aka Plaid), is worth tracking down for some phased amen carnival goodness.

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