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Donovan Badboy Smith – Obsession (Yolk Remix)

OK, back to tunes which I want to post because they’re actually good 🙂 This tune involves two of my favorite oldskool DJs of that era: Donovan Badboy Smith and Yolk (DJ Milf). Smith was a resident at a lot of the big raves of that era (including Obsession, which this tune might be named after?), and he went on to produce some absolutely wicked stuff on Basement. He also ran the Street Beats label which is a personal favorite of mine for slightly later stuff.

Yolk can do no wrong in my opinion… they don’t have much out but every release is a must-have and this remix stands up to that well. Be sure to check this mix by Yolk’s DJ Milf if you haven’t already, it’s a rocket fuel injected blast of 92 hardcore spun with all sorts of scratching bells and whistles. Definitely one of my favorite oldskool sets.

As for this tune/remix, it might not sound all THAT crazy, but it is quite an effective little 92 hardcore number. The staccato lead is a bit reminiscent of “Living in Darkness”, while the string breakdown adds a bit of weight to the track (and tugs the heart strings a bit), giving a bit of basement / proto-intelligence seriousness to it. Not exactly a dark tune but quite far from the pianos and chipmunked vocals in some other tunes of the time. It’s also a bit underrated, certainly not pricey or hard to find.

Donovan Bad Boy Smith – Obsession Yolk Remix

4 Replies to “Donovan Badboy Smith – Obsession (Yolk Remix)”

  1. Great little tune but I much prefer the other mix (which was the one that used to get played). It must have been released right at the end of 92 cos it was in early to mid 93 when it was getting played out

  2. will have to recheck it, I thought I remember them sounding kind of similar? Basically seemed like a good chance to write a bit more about Yolk too but I’ll def give the other side a listen and consider switching them out (Though posting the less popular side can be fun in its own way)

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