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N-ZO & DJ Invincible – Just Do It

Here’s a bit more of a vibey tune, nothing too crazy or massively chopped… a nice simple melody with female vocals, leading into rolling hotpants with half timey hits and a couple more vocal snippets. This track is sort of partway in-between a more tough ragga-ish track and 94-95 GLR/Lucky spin style atmo stuff. You’ve got the laidback rolling feel of a more atmospheric tune, but with lots of somewhat insistent vocal samples firing away on top…. overall maybe a bit chiller than what I normally post, but I played it on Sunday’s radio show and had fun mixing it with crazier stuff (there’s definitely something to be said for having some tunes to keep things solid in the mix while you play crazy stuff on top!)
N-Zo and Invincible did a number of other good singles, including this previously posted track “Ease Yourself” which is a personal fav, and several solid EPs on Just Another Label. Nothing’s too hard to find, definitely worth checking.

N-Zo & DJ Invincible – Just Do It

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