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Abreaction – The Mind

Something a bit different here… I remember this tune being listed on some website a few years ago as “experimental hardcore.. for the deeper heads!” or something to that extent. Listening to the tune then I thought “I don’t get it, these beats are pretty straightforward/not that choppy? sounds pretty normal to me”. I guess I was so focused on the standard loop-y beats I didn’t notice all the bleeps, squawks and buzzing sounds throughout the tracks themselves… pretty cool and different sounding from your typical 93 track for sure. Even though I normally only post one track per release, I’m posting 2 out of the 4 on this EP because

Mix #2 is more stripped down with more of a melodic component, still pretty unique sounding though.

I’m not sure who Abreaction was, my copy has the same basic info stamped on it as in the discogs photo. Great tunes regardless!

Abreaction – The Mind

Abreaction – The Mind (Mix 2)

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