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Sound Corp – Regen-Time (Mix 2)

Here’s a gem I found in my collection while pulling tracks for yesterday’s radio show… Most people probably know Sound Corp for their dark anthem “Dream Finder”, probably not as much for this tune (or if so, possibly for a different mix of it – there’s at least 2 others). This mix of Regen-Time is pretty simple, but every single element in it is excellent: a classic Public Enemy vocal sample (repeated over and over to great effect before being pitched up and down), a frantic sixteenth note melody, stompy drums alternating with a super-heavy breakbeat, and some darker synths which enter the track via a breakdown. At a little over 4 minutes, it’s over before it has a chance to get boring. Definitely one worth checking, and worth picking up as (along with most Tone Def stuff) it’s still pretty easy to come by.

Sound Corp – Regen-Time (Mix 2)

4 Replies to “Sound Corp – Regen-Time (Mix 2)”

  1. Classic slamming tuneage!!! More like this on your blog any day of the week.

    Nice One!!!!

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