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DJ Senator & The Bagman – Tranqued

Here’s an interesting EP which took me a while to get fully into – it sounded promising when I heard it years ago, but when I finally got around to buying a copy, none of the tracks really resonated much and it kind of sat in the back of my collection. I just found it recently though when pulling records for a darkside special (which I’ll post soon), and I’m definitely more into it now. The tunes are pretty weird and unique sounding, maybe not the most hard hitting but with lots of samples and parts coming seemingly out of nowhere. In general this focuses more on the dark side of things, though it’s far from a typical “darkcore” release.
The EP was actually released on a sublabel of the classic metal label Earache, who despite focusing more on grindcore and hardcore tried to feature a fair bit of electronic oriented stuff back then (partnering with Industrial Strength for a while, etc). Possibly since it’s on such a decent sized label, the full sleeve artwork is actually pretty nice, reminiscent of something you’d see on a rave flyer.

DJ Senator And The Bagman – Tranqued

2 Replies to “DJ Senator & The Bagman – Tranqued”

  1. I love this release, and his earlier one on this label.
    I might be a bit biased though as DJ Senator at the time was a bit of a local legend around Nottingham due to his DJ’ing on local pirate radio and around clubs. Decent tunes to compliment other in the mix I reckon 🙂

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