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DJ Reckless – Freedom To Dance

Here’s something a little different: some happy hardcore from 1995 by DJ Reckless of “Reckless Karnage” fame. This is still from the period before everything got massively stompy (or was just in the process of getting stompy), so there’s still mashed amens with a classic 92 style vocal snippet. I’m not sure where the vocal is from, though I know it’s featured prominently in Omni Trio “Thru the Vibe” which uses the classic C&C Music Factory “Keep it Comin” acapella, so perhaps it’s a minor vocal part from there? Anyway, nothing too shocking or groundbreaking here, but a decent piano part + beats, and it’s interesting to hear what Reckless got up to years after his Pulse-8 stuff!

DJ Reckless – Freedom To Dance

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  1. Hey,thanks.Line dances first gained popularity in the late 1950s. While not nearly as popular as it used to be, this style of group dancing has been revived time and time again, with every decade having its own set of line dance songs.

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