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Jamma – Candyman

This is a track that ImaginaryForces has requested a few times on the blogtotheoldskool jungletrain radio show whenever I’d play Phrenetic “Candyman”. I still probably prefer the Phrenetic track (darker pads, etc) but I’ve warmed to this one quite a bit and it seems a bit rarer/more obscure. Plus, now I don’t have to hear him say I’m posting the “wrong” candyman track 🙂

Soundwise, this isn’t that far removed from the Phrenetic track – dark sounds (bells here instead of pads), some decent chopped jungle breaks and plenty of samples from the movie (albeit entirely different ones). The other mixes aren’t too different, mix 3 is pretty cool with some more acidy sounds but this is definitely the most polished of the three. No info available for the artist or label, however I think this EP might have been done by Subnation or someone connected to Future Vinyl Recordings, since the “Rydim Factory” production name also appears on Subnation’s 4 tracker EP.

Jamma – Candyman (mix 1)

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