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Alex Reece & Wax Doctor – Frequency

Here’s a bit of a slow burner on the underappreciated Radioactive Kids label (which is actually a sublabel of Creative Wax…click that link and buy some excellent oldskool mp3s legit!). Neither Alex Reece nor Wax Doctor need much in the way of introduction, two artists who did great early tunes on labels like Basement/Sound Entity,Liquid Wax, Rogue Trooper etc, before moving onto bigger non jungle-exclusive labels R&S and Island Recordings respectively. Oh yeah, Alex Reece also put out some quite seminal tracks on a little label called Metalheadz…. maybe you’ve heard of it????? 😛 “Pulp Fiction” ring a bell at all? No? OK then, moving on….

Both of these producers are adept at understated, “less flash, more vibes” style tracks, and “frequency” tune fits that to a t. The barest minimum of elements here (a chopped amen, a portamento synth, a boomy sub, some stressed vocal fx and an epic pad melody for a breakdown) ensure this does NOT sound like some sort of magnum opus these producers spent eons perfecting. If I’m honest, this sounds much more like something they could have banged out in a few hours on a good night. However, that’s not to say it’s bad/not worth hearing… far from it. “Frequency” is just an ultra focused, minimal piece of moody 94 jungle.. does what it says on the tin, gets in and out without any fuss/overwrought melodies/extraneous concepts or samples shoehorned in. Definitely a great mixing track, sorry my rip isn’t quite up to snuff (suppose you can always grab a copy below if you want to hear it a bit higher res).

Alex Reece and Wax Doctor – Frequency

4 Replies to “Alex Reece & Wax Doctor – Frequency”

  1. this is one of my favorite tracks for some of the reasons you’ve written here. dark as you like. i prefer this original to the more chopped up remix (same thing goes for Cold Fresh Air original compared to the more chopped up remix -songs like this belong in 1994 more than in 1995).

    my favorite memory of this song is on a Bukem “king of the jungle”(Fantazia?) set. Conrad on the mic…bukem mixes in the opening pitch-bent pads…and conrad says “Just around the corner.. “. It’s the perfect thing to say. One of my favorite moments in dnb history.

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