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Prisoner – Mr Fix It

Been a while since I’ve posted an amen smasher, so here’s one I secretly posted as part of last Wedensday’s radio show. I grabbed this tune a couple of years ago as a tatty whitelabel that just said “london something” on it (made me think maybe it was the Code071 record), but it turned out to be this nice jam on DJ Ron’s label. With “Mr Fix it” you get a 60’s theme show soundtrack type sample pitched around, coupled with relatively aggro sounding ragga jungle vocals that contrast it a bit. Add to that boomy sub bass and some tight choppy amens, cold sweat and think breakbeats layered together. Not a huge number of elements, certainly not one of those tunes with a mad changeup or new sample at every turn, but a nice, breathable, jungle track fun to mix which still feels energetic.

Prisoner – Mr Fix It

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