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Unknown Artist – The Top Buzz EP

Here’s another record I grabbed on the cheap in SF, one I thought was by Top Buzz but discogs claims isn’t. On one hand that could be true since there’s certainly none of their patented “jungle techno” sound at play here… on the other hand, it’s from earlier than their other releases and one side of the record actually says “jungle techno” on it… so, your guess is as good as mine!

Either way, this is an interesting 91 no-label release: a few ravey hardcore tunes which are pretty solid and effective for 91 stuff, coupled with a dj mix of three tracks on the b side. As someone pointed out in the comments, this tune is a cut down version of Skin Up “Blockbuster”, 91 ravey hardcore with silly E related samples.

Unknown Artist – Give M N E

9 Replies to “Unknown Artist – The Top Buzz EP”

  1. damn, never heard that one!! “a juicy red apple” was never really my bag so I haven’t herd much skin up stuff.

    Guess it’s not even the full track, just a couple minute edit… hmmm, I should probably take this one down and post something else.

    thanks for the heads up!

  2. I’ve always wondered about this release being Top Buzz or not. It’s basically full of mash ups and edits of well known 91 tunes. Sort of a cheeky bootleg really – reminds me of the Easygroove release ‘perception 1’ in concept. Off topic, but I was at a free rave in Bristol where Easygroove actually did the same double drop as he did on the perception 1 release – the last bit of his set. I think the following DJ dropped Pacific State or all things. Strange what you remember.

  3. wow, suprised this gets no love. I can just imagine playing this at the end of a set to a kind of younger crowd where people still know house and techno classics like “strings of life” but not much hardcore/jungle and it going over well… guess I’ll have to test that theory next time I get booked for an oldskool set!

  4. I really like it, but i feel the ‘give us an e’ is a bit cheesy….. depends ont he crowd though of course! Some oldskool cheese can go down a treat.

  5. Back in the day some DJ’s in my home town used to flick the turntable to 33 on the ‘Eat em up yum yum eat em up yum yum’ bit then flick it back to 45. It’s how I always remember this tune being played anyway 🙂

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