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Kariya – Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

Here’s an earlier track than I normally post… a house bootleg EP from 1989. I just nabbed a double of this while visiting New York to see the Industrial Strength 20th Anniversary show, figure it’d be interesting to post since supposedly this is the break source of 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare. You get a basic combo of that breakbeat with the Kariya “let me love you” acapella, as used in about a bazillion hardcore tracks (Ibiza Crew “Let Me Love You”, X Certificate “Take Me”, Mega City 2 “London To Essex”, etc) .

Apologies for the crackles and dust, this record is probably older than some people who check this blog…

Kariya – Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

11 Replies to “Kariya – Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)”

  1. Industrial Strength 20th Anniversary event?! How was it? Much like yourself, I’m a bit of an oldschool hardcore nut…raised in the Midwest during Drop Bass’s heyday, and weaned on a tougher spectrum of techno sounds, leaning a bit towards older Dutch Happy Gabber and stompy UK Happy Hardcore, but I’ve got quite the soft spot for anything and everything hard, energetic, and “breaky” πŸ™‚

    Found your blog by your posting of Potential Bad Boy’s “Rollin'” track. Was re-building an old CD comp (Law of the Jungle) out of pure, un-mixed vinyl rips…Couldn’t have finished it without your assistance! Also, you’re efforts have inspired me (read: lit a fire under my ass) to really get moving on a blog of my very own. An archive/distro for my own vinyl rips of the previously mentioned genres…may not have quite the vast backstock of tracks as yourself, but would love to share what I have, as I think it’s time.

    Awesome site, totally appreciate the frequency of your updates, and the effort you place into every post. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. thanks! that reminds me, gotta get around to posting one of yr Mystro EP tracks soon assuming you’re OK with it..

  3. It’s telling me that the link is broken, is there any chance of a reup?

    Great blog, thank you so much for turning me on to oldskool and showing me some real gems.

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