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Nemisis – Self Induced Trance

Back to the mined obscurities, here’s a nice unassuming 92 EP of dark hardcore. “Self Induced Trance” doesn’t have crazy choppy beats, instead it follows the more standard formula of taking parts out, putting new parts in, etc. Main things which made it stick out for me were the 3 Phase – Der Klang Der Familie sample (always a plus in tracks, though I wish I could find one that actually samples Jeff Mill’s remix Phase 4), some good acid parts, and the 2 layers of beats (one halftime) which make it nice and chunky. Definitely something I’d like to drop in a mix.

Nemisis – Self Induced Trance

2 Replies to “Nemisis – Self Induced Trance”

  1. A nice little track. Weirdly, it was reminding me of something when I heard it – Aphex Twin’s ‘En Trance To Exit’. Listen to the beat that gets layered on top after the opera singer vocal drop at the start. Maybe I’m just hearing things…

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