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Post 500: 3-D – Chuck Chillout Acapella

I was really hoping to have some unreleased stuff to post for #500, or some mega pack of tracks, but it’s been too hard to sort out so instead of continuing to wait, I’m going to give up a great source hiphop acapella which is sampled all over the place in hardcore but rarely talked about / known online – sort of one of those “hidden gems” of samples which you may have snippets of on a sample CD somewhere, but likely don’t know the source of. Really so many tracks have used bits from this acapella, if you can’t name a couple off the top of your head you might want to go back and check the past 499 posts since i’m sure there’s a few in there somewhere.

3-D Chuck Chillout Acapella (at 45)

Since I know a fair few producers check this, here’s a 40 meg archive with the acapella as a wav (orig speed), acapella @ 45 as a wav, some breaks from the record as wavs , and other tracks original speed @ 320.

Now, even though I consider this a pretty cool post (since original sources like this are probably harder to find or at least give away than resulting tunes), it’s not really enough for a 500th post, so… I’m going to try to be really good over the next 2-3 weeks doing a solid post every single day. So keep checking the site, keep pointing other people to it!

9 Replies to “Post 500: 3-D – Chuck Chillout Acapella”

  1. sweet! i’m sure i’ll use this one day, i’ve been looking for a good 80s acapella like this. was worth the wait.

  2. Nice work on reaching 500 posts, seems like we’ve been waiting for ages, thought you might have gone on holiday…. 🙂

  3. hah, I actually did! (to Montreal) Also one of those things where the longer you wait the longer you don’t want to post “just anything”, which makes you take longer etc. Figure if I can just post a bunch of great stuff over the next few weeks I can make up for it tho, with some longterm special stuff still in the works / happening whenever it happens.

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