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Bass Construction – Dance With Power

Here’s a decidedly non-obscure classic, basically the opposite of the obtuse white label tracks with loads of mashed samples I often post. Instead, here we have simple, feel good 91 piano hardcore vibes, combining vocal cuts from Bridget Grace “take me away” with Jocelyn Brown “Love’s Gonna Get You”, dominator synth, etc (piano riff sounds familiar just can’t place a name to it right now).

Elicit put out quite a few good early hardcore singles, they also seemed to do pretty large presses so most of their catalog is still quite easy and cheap to find. The artist behind this was on a few of the better ones, including the Blood Brothers EP, Psychopaths EPs and 54321. He also did some nice singles on chill as the Boogeyman.

Bass Construction – Dance With Power

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  1. this has such a nice vibe with it defo one of my personal favs from way back, i will love on the flip is worth a look to.

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