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Max Voltage – Make You Scream

Longtime favorite here! I never got around to buying this record simply because it’s such a cheap + easy to find tune, it almost didn’t seem worth it to pay the shipping costs (postage was 3 times what the record cost). I finally bought it a week ago though. One of the first records on the Boogie Times label (a precursor to Suburban Base also run by the Boogie Times shop out of Romford), this track is pretty atypical for tunes I like… definitely not fast/crazy/mashed up in any way. If anything, it’s almost bordering more on house – a super nice 91 tune with good vocals and strong melodies throughout. No idea about the producer behind it, suppose it could have been anyone involved w/ the boogie times/ sub base crew back then.

Max Voltage – Make You Scream

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