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Tokyo oldskool rave party

Here’s some info for any of you in Japan (Google Analytics claims there’s at least some number of you reading this site). Apparently Technorch is starting a new 90’s rave revival club night in Tokyo, and has DJ Shimamura playing the first party with him. For anyone not up on their current happy hardcore/j-core, Technorch and Shimamura are two of the biggest name in that scene, with Shimamura’s oldschool-influenced happy hardcore releases dating back 9 years now to some absolutely wicked (and quite rare now – I don’t have any) EPs on Dynasty Records. Technorch has also done oldschool related stuff before, his “Boss On Parade” track manages to fit a ridiculous amount of rave samples into just a few minutes:
I’d kill to check this out were it not for the insanely expensive airfaire/ 14 hour flight from Boston. Also, last time I flew from Boston to Japan for my 2006 tour, I got sick on the plane and ended up puking off the stairwell outside the promoter’s apartment 🙂 But yeah, great guys, Technorch opened for me when I played in Tokyo and he was one of the first to post about this site when I first started it. Support their night!!

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  1. if you look in that background there’s tons of good record covers layered up similar to what I used to have in the background here (I have it disabled for legibility purposes now tho), even more if you click the flyer and look at the website. Technorch sent me a rave mix a few years back that was good, even if he just plays the records in the background of the flyer, that’d still be something I’d want to hear. Not exactly beardy 92 whitelabel stuff but lots of great mega-rave records.

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