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After Dark – Truly One

I dug this out while looking for 94-96 atmospheric stuff to play a few weeks ago… can’t say it had stuck in my head before as that much of a tune. My ears must have not been screwed on properly when I first got this, because this is a TUNE!! No relaxed intro beats or pads here, “Truly One” hits the ground running with choppy amens, vocal samples and a simple sick filtered synth tone, building to that classic “heavennnnnnn” vocal sample used by everyone. There aren’t too many change-ups and the sample palette is pretty limited, but it doesn’t matter because this tune knows exactly what it’s aiming for and pulls it off flawlessly. It’s well sequenced, well produced, and an enjoyable track to throw in the mix. As usual, huge respect to Dave Charlesworth for making so much insanely good (and often underrated) music.

After Dark – Truly One

3 Replies to “After Dark – Truly One”

  1. He had that formula down to a science… the sonic palette was always perfect. Best full-on pads with great vocals…bass..amen…perfection!

  2. Dave Charlesworth was /is a genius, made the best oldskool track of all in my opinion, energizer 1!!!

    really nice bloke too!

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